Hope for the Future

As long as we have Bees we have Hope for the future.

When you see them stop and breathe. Thank them for the bounty on the dinner table and for the candle lights in the darkest winter nights.

And if you find yourself in the darkest night of your soul listen to their hymn.

They will tell you about selfless love and working for the future generations.

They will tell you our natural state is Oneness, Unconditional Love and Bliss.

Sing with them and bring life in everything around.

Winter Study – 3

My footsteps sinking in the powdery fresh snow made my noon hike slide into dreamy realms .

So silent and still the landscape wanted me to pause and listen with my heart.

For a moment time became fluid reminding me of Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory “

Just when I thought I was walking completely alone my trail companions revealed themselves to me .



The veils so thin I could hear Angels singing .

We live in a multidimensional universe . If you look closely  what do you see ?

We always have company .

Next time you walk on a trail close your mind chatter and be still like a fresh page in a magical journal .

Expect to be amazed.

A winter study

While winter got a reputation of being ice cold and harsh I wondered about the delicate beauty rendered by snow passionately embraced by the sun.

Magical worlds of crystal and tiny diamonds shine everywhere.

Otherworldly textures invite new inspiration and day dreaming.

Treasures can be found at every step

Walk mindful …

Cat Approved

They were abandoned by someone who used to live near by. They survived harsh winters and they are fed by some of my neighbors and ourselves . We built them little winter homes and they roam free . Today is raining and instead of hanging out in their usual spot they decided to visit our new deck.

I love seeing they feel at peace and loved when they come here .


Or perhaps they came for a Reiki bath?

A new view into Paradise

Keeping the silence  of the world

I weave my dreams and yours

with strands of Light

and cherry blossoms ;

so when the moon is dipped in gold

deeds fill with ores

rich in delight

and all things awesome.

Transient between dimensions

I stretch my breath

into Lapis blue Heavens ,

growing roots in dreamy depths

and Love rich humus

where learning to surrender

becomes the vision

which seeds tomorrow’s splendor.


Happy Spring

from my heart to yours.