We have been under two feet of snow and chilled to the bone in frigid temperatures for the past week . Only since yesterday I could say I see the light at the end of the wintery tunnel .

My garden tucked away in white pajamas looks deep asleep . Underneath , life pushes through with determination and force .

Part of me wants to roll over and hide under pillows but my heart changed the beat drumming for Spring .

I woke up in a spectacle of Light . Unlike other times I can not run and start working in my garden.

Spring Equinox Light

I can only absorb the Light and meditate on a moment of perfect balance . The peace of my clay painted walls reminds me there is a place within me where I can start creating already .

So with all my heart I let the birds and their songs  guide me . I listen and imagine . I listen and imagine.

The plans are already set. Nature has the blueprints . I only have to download its dream into reality.

Open your hearts, listen and imagine . The Earth awaits us all to align with its new energy and vision . In despite what you see outside the window BELIEVE we are to experience Joy , Peace , Cooperation , Compassion ,  Abundance , the Divine in all that is and Each  Other .

Blissful Equinox to you all .



Today at 12:30 am EST we entered  Spring Equinox.

A day to do less and listen more.

I went through the garden where I burnt sage and listen to the wind for messages.

Nature welcomed me sending a Squirrel, Woodchuck and the Falcon . Bees were looking for water in despite the biting cold.

Thirsty Bees_Fotor

Light and shadow, night and day, grief and hope all facing each other on the threshold.

Brigid and Eostre passing through causing a burst of creativity and flowers to emerge.

From my inner voice a prayer to my garden is rising :

May Your Heart Awaken

                           Awakening mine

                           So I may Grow

                           Green , Lush Ideas

                           Into Prosperous Actions ;

                           So I may weave

                           Strands of Cosmic Inspirations

                           Into a tapestry  of Sacred Work.

                          Awaken your Heart

                          So mine will Flower

                          Into the song of a Blue Bird

                          Allowing me to Bee

                          The Voice and Form

                          Of your Creative Energy .

Wishing you All Happy Spring and Dreams into Reality.