Wedding in the Heavens

When a hive reaches maturity the Queen and half of her Worker Bees will swarm to a new location and start over. They leave behind a house full of brood, honey, nectar and a new Queen.

The most amazing thing is to experience a swarm. The high energy of the Bees in motion reverberates in the deepest corners of your body. There is Happiness in the air and a contagious exuberance.

In the middle of this chaotic swirl of Bees emerging from the hive the Queen shines like a bride. She flies high up in the heavens to mate with the Sun. Exposed to light a chemical process renews her fertility and power to create.

In the “ Nine Lectures for the Bees ” Rudolf Steiner explains the alchemy of light within the hive and relationship between the Queen and the Sun. But the most delightful explanation of this Holly event I found reading ‘The Song of Increase ” by Jacqueline Freeman

My Bees Blessed my garden three times this Spring . I caught few causing me to climb at dizzying heights to get them.

While I welcome and understand the event my heart always aches at the thought of departing from a good old queen.


There was no time to even get my hat or a tarp to put underneath the box. I had to act fast . Many times they will sit in a location for a short while and then they fly to another which is permanent.

So at the end of the day I got the swarm and a good doze of euphoria.



4 thoughts on “Wedding in the Heavens

  1. A lovely post, and I followed the links to discover some wonderful insights into the lives of bees. Is there, then, a connection between sublimating sexual energy among bees in order to live within the colony with total love for all, and a similar idea in yoga? Perhaps ancient yogis developed the idea after observing the lives of bees.
    We also have had several swarming events but, most recently, our bees have simply moved into the empty hives situated next to theirs on the roof – a case of moving in next door!

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    1. Dear Sylvia as always I am so touched by your visits. Thank You.
      And yes Bees served as a model for humanity since ancient times. Sacred, mysterious and prized they had priestesses (Melisae) attending them . Another book worth reading is “The Shamanic Way of the Bee: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practices of the Bee Masters” by Simon Buxton
      How lucky they just stayed with you. Mine really gave me a good work out.
      Bee Love and Many Blessings to you.


  2. Your bee experiences are so inspiring! I have thought about keeping my own hive or two but it was never at the top of my to-do list. Now that I lost all the bees that used to come to my garden, I am thinking perhaps it’s time to consider it. Thank you for sharing your experiences with them. You write beautifully.


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