The sun light feels even brighter in contrast with the longer nights.  I stroll through my back yard embracing every corner and summer memory. My garden is falling asleep under a thick coat of cover crops and  the trees lost most of their leaves allowing for a beautiful view of the the mountain behind .

At the end of September I applied the last set of biodynamic preparations (#500, # 508 , #501) .

Yesterday I sprayed “ The Harmonizing Preparation” .


It is one of the ways I do Ceremony for the land and express my Gratitude for the nurturing, the love and the bounty provided to me and my family.

In the midst of a world in turmoil and change  I am too small and yet I know that if I continue my work and partnership with Nature I do my part for a brighter future .

The Bees work tireless all summer for a generation of brood they will never meet . It is a lesson I absorbed in my core. It gave me strength knowing that every action we take today will bloom later in life or next season or in the lifetime of our grandchildren .

Facing the darkest part of the year it is Gratitude that will keep our dreams alive .

I invite you all to keep this Inner Light alive by writing ten reasons you are grateful for , give thanks to ten people , leave an offering in your garden or in any public park as a token of appreciation for Nature’s support.

The offering can be anything.: a song, a heart felt note, a rock, some bird seeds or just a sip of water.

And just before the evening’s end remember those who crossed over by lighting a candle.

With Gratitude , Light, Love and Peace.


10 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Happy to know that you are well and keep up with your magical work. And keep the “light up” in that corner of the earth. Funny that you posted that today, as I was having the same thoughts (gratitude) while I was taking a walk in the park, to clear my head, and connect with “my trees” hhaha… so I can go back to writing, feeling inspired, and refreshed. I was in this deep state of gratitude, of my surroundings, that allow me to continue my own journey, throughout these interesting times we live. And as a matter of fact, I actually have a daily gratitude journal…haha. It’s such a great tool to shift the energy. Much love!!! Stay magical!!!

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  2. What a beautiful post! You are right: a walk or some work in the garden sets us right, as long as we remember to work in harmony with nature rather than try to impose our will. Your post left me with a sense of deep peace, and your photographs are inspiring.
    You are lucky to be able to get the biodynamic preparations. I have been mulling over how to obtain the compost preparation I need. I think only one of the plants grows in Egypt, and there are no suppliers that I know of.
    From gratitude comes grace: hence the beautiful nature of your garden and your writing.

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    1. Dear Sylvia
      Thank You . Your comment touched me deeply proving we love the same things .
      There is a well established biodynamic community in Egypt and one organization I have heard of is Sekem.
      Have you heard of them? Maybe they can tell you how they provide the preparations .When I was studying Biodynamic Farming at the Pfeiffer Center in NY , I had a class mate from Egypt. I think this is how I have heard about Sekem.
      Thank you again for your post .
      Much Love , Light and Peace.

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  3. Yes – I have often bought Sekem’s organic produce, and I have visited Heliopolis University campus, set up by the organisation to teach pharmacology based on plants; it has a kind of garden of simples on-site. I am also aware of a network of biodynamic farms in Egypt, but I have not come across anyone who practises this approach to cultivation or who understands what it means. I have contacted Sekem to try and arrange a visit but have never succeeded in getting to their farmland at Bilbeis, northeast of Cairo.
    Hope to follow up with them again this winter as the weather is more favourable to a farm visit.
    Thank you so much for posting the information!


  4. Thank you for your offer of help.
    I am thinking of you and sending all good wishes for peace, light and healing, from my heart. If we concentrate our energies on what we have, and remain full of gratitude and love, this most difficult time will pass: when all of man’s destruction is done, as Georgia O’Keeffe commented many years ago


    1. Dear Sylvia Thank you for Georgia O’Keeffe’s comment.
      So appropriate on this rainy and teary morning after the elections here in US.
      The Garden shall be our Shrine and well of Hope.
      Thank you.From My Heart to Yours, Much Love and Light


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