A Magical Feng Shui Story

Back in May I shared with you  in Messages in a wall and A simple reflection  how trying to replace a window led to a complete clean up of my Helpful People Gua.

Well , after I managed to close the wall I dove straight in the basement (the Past) to replace the window underneath the area affected. This took me a while because here nothing is easy.On the bright side I cleaned the Helpful People (in the Past ) Gua really good and sealed and painted the wall.

I was ready to resume work on the main floor ,only the house wanted me to consider few things: The clean up would extend in the Creativity and Relationships Guas and a new window was to be added in the bathroom( Relationships bordering Creativity). So I needed a plan since the experience with the first one left me exhausted. Now I was looking at replacing two windows and adding a third one.

Because we were going back and forth with the idea of tearing down the whole wall  I took some time to meditate.

One morning looking at hiking trails around here I stumbled upon an article about the Lenni Lenapes-TheWolf Clan   which lived in the area I live .I knew about them and being fond of their history always searched for more information.One year I even planted the “Three Sisters ” (corn , squash and beans) in their honor.

For one thing ,The Wolf is very dear to me. It has appeared many times in my life and it was revered in my ancestry as a sacred animal. The Dacians (my ancestors ) had a Wolf flag . The picture bellow is a beautiful detail of how the flag looked like . It was used to protect a space, often mounted on gates or at each corner of land boundaries and in battle was carried as a pole flag by brave riders to intimidate the enemy.


The Dacian Flag ( The Wolf) carved on a wood gate in Maramures/Romania

The article signaled their presence in my multidimensional world and I started to listen to my heart rather then my logical side.

I felt as if changing the basement window  opened a benevolent portal through which I could communicate with the Ancestors of the land ( The Lenni Lenape)

Every morning I thanked them for their presence ( which I felt strongly) asking for guidance and protection.

Within few days  I started to scan the local newspaper for carpenters. I needed someone who would help me and accept  that I was working with them literally.

After few disappointing interviews  I took the newspaper again and  this time I allowed my intuition to completely take over. That afternoon the gentleman came in time wearing a T-shirt with a beautiful printed Wolf . I knew it was a sign. And after few words I had a lot of confidence everything was going to be ok.

Since we were approaching 4th of July we made arrangements to start working on July 15.

On 4th of July  my husband and I peacefully went hiking being grateful for finally finding a person we could rely on. On the trail we met a couple who felt so familiar and close. In our conversation the article I have read was brought up again . This time the woman mentioned it and I smiled with my whole soul knowing it was a confirmation  of our tangent worlds.

On July 15th we opened the rest of the wall , replaced the plate because the termite damage was extended and carefully framed and installed the new windows .

The energy shifted powerfully when  we wrapped the wall in  Tyvek. In that moment Everything felt crispy clean and strong. New windows ( eyes into our homes soul) allowed us to look into the world with new confidence and clarity. And the world could look at us with perhaps more kindness.

Not as a surprise while all this was going on I met by chance a new friend , an amazing artist who helped  us tie some loose ends, put the lath and the scratch coat ( cement at the bottom and lime on top).  He also mended the two surfaces with lath and the scratch coat . That was a big push for me. The following days I worked ten hours straight for each lime coat  ( two coats) and about four hours to apply the lime paint. The lime shifted the energy further. I hope the pictures speak for themselves .


You probably understand my silence now. It was a lot to integrate alone , never mind trying to tell a story about it.

As I write this I am contemplating the changes  and feel refreshed and strengthened by the Light flowing  in sweetly and the hopeful new connections we have made.

Sometimes life is showing us a non linear path of resolving our reality. If we have the courage to follow it we can find ourselves in a magical world of possibilities and miracles at every turn.

3 thoughts on “A Magical Feng Shui Story

  1. I’m very proud of you!!! And the silence (in certain time periods) that one must undergo in order to complete work that involves more than just what can be seen, but rather the internal transformational process we have to go through…is implicit. You know that we share this trait…hahaha. Which can be peculiar/strange for most people. But it’s rather necessary to achieve these kinds of results. Amazing job!!!! Hope I can see the final product soon! 😉 lots and lots of love from me!!!! 😉


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