A simple reflection

Since my last post it took a lot of will power and discipline to get through my work.

The day I replaced the rotten plate in my wall I was alone , with no one to ask for HELP and rain was approaching.

My hands were tired and the stress to close up the wall was high. I thought of what a loving community means in someone’s life . Nourishment is not just food but also helping each other , caring for each other. Except for my immediate family I have none of that in the village I live in.

The Termite medicine was showing me in reverse their wisdom.

Being a seed trusted to a foreign land I made friends with  Nature and its wild creatures but not with my fellow humans. A lot to ponder here.


I find it so interesting how my home nudges me to expand and evolve my heart and consciousness through  the practical experiences at hand.

My days are pretty much chop wood, carry water and send prayers into the wind.

My Garden is enfolding into its magic and if I could have more day light in a day to work , I would.

Are you surrounded by a loving , supporting community?

In the lack of, I made my version of the prayer flags to remind me support and love is everywhere in the Universe and the same elements scattered around me are within me .

Hence I am one with All .

FullSizeRender (2)

Hope this post will inspire you to be kind to everyone including yourself.

4 thoughts on “A simple reflection

  1. I complete relate to the feelings/situations. 😉 but you know that already.haha… Even if we physically we live quite apart from each other, we are not apart in our hearts and minds. Don’t forget that. I am just reminding you, that I am your community! hahaha… As for the discipline and lack of focus…yeah..that’s quite a treat. But somehow we manage, as we managed before. 😉 By the way the garden looks amazing and magical!!! Love it!!! So you are in good company, even if the fellow human (human friend) is rare(I can relate with that experience as well), where you are, don’t despair, we’ll get through this. Not easy at times, I know, but I send you my LOVE, MAGIC, BRILLIANT LIGHT and millions of hugs & kisses!!! 😉

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    1. You just made me teary.
      Of course we are not apart.I just wished the community here was more compassionate.
      Thank you for all your good wishes .
      Your presence always files my heart.
      millions of hugs and kisses right back at you.Thank You.


  2. You touched my heart once again from your great wisdom. I knew I needed to get on to your writing for me to get some inspiration..guess what? you did it again. Thank you for this. I know its hard sometimes to look after how we are treating ourselves when we are so busy with others..I can totally relate to what you are talking about.
    I am so lucky that you belong in my community here, I would never felt lost of being misunderstood, known & being thought of.
    Thank you Cobgoddess.Hope all is well with you.
    Btw, I love to see more of that beautiful secret garden of yours.Post some photos.

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