Messages in a wall

It is raining again. Only today,since it is May 1st, it feels special as if the Water is meant to sooth and heal. In the background I hear OM DHARA chanted by Deva Premal.

om dhara dharayei namaha
om dharayei namaha
om bhu devyei namaha

Om and salutations to Divine Mother
who is the support of the earth.

Om and salutations to Divine Mother who is the Earth.
Honouring Mother Earth as the goddess she is”

I have been planting trees and working in the gardens in parallel with working on the house.

Interestingly I am tearing down a wall in the Helpful People and Travel Gua to replace a window.

And all would have been very easy if right on the day Mercury went retrograde I  did not find some old termite damage that has been just buried under drywall .

So now I will have to clean out and replace the wood plate. Lucky me it is not a load bearing wall.

Sometimes detours are blessings in disguise. I see all this as a metaphor : Cleaning out hidden obstacles for allowing authentic , loving and unconditional support into my life to build our dream Faerie Home . And it looks like my findings remind me of some important parts in my work.( check out Termite Totem )

As usual when I create chaos in my home I feel it at cellular level. The bees  the gardens and my husband’s hugs pull me through .

My plans are changing a bit. It is the house talking to me again , showing me the weaknesses the ugly and the hurt so I can bring in more Light, Healing and Hope.

At every step I found a lesson. Our home gives me a trail of wisdom crumbs to ponder for the journey.

The moral ? Tread lightly as there is a hidden meaning at every turn you take.

11 thoughts on “Messages in a wall

  1. I loved the post! As it is such a reflection of what is happening right now on massive scale. individually as well as planetary. A lot of old energy(in different forms) that’s been stored away, holding us down is being release. and indeed, it looks quite messy and chaotic at times…haha. But it’s awesome that you have the bees and your husband for moral support. Here’s one more large hug from me!!! lots of love!!! 😉

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    1. Thank you Ana Maria. And Thank you for your hug and visit.
      Right now I am cleaning in the basement( the past) in order to address my findings .Chaos . And you are so right about the old energies. I hope what I am doing now will reverberate into the world. Thank you again. Your visits always fill me with joy.


    1. Hi Laura
      Thank you for reading my post.
      I read yours and loved it.
      There will be more about the wall soon as magical stories unfolded in my pursuit to clean it further (in all dimensions literally) .

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