Village in the Sky

Tonight we are going through a wormhole : New moon and total Solar Eclipse.

Plus a super dance between the planets all gathered in Pisces.

I am not an astrologer but as a  biodynamic gardener and earth intuitive I follow closely the map of energies at hand.

The two words that came into my mind today (as I was admiring the Sun Rise ) were Grace and Gratitude.

I feel Grace and Gratitude every time I am outside in the garden or anywhere in Nature.

I experience these feelings when I see , listen to , or read something beautiful , when I encounter kindness and when I make something with my own hands or create anything.

When I wrote my first post I jumped into the vast net of our parallel world The Internet a little bit scared but hopeful I will not sound completely crazy or off the wall.

Then everyday I made another post I gained more wind under my wings and flying seemed  a real possibility.  While flying I met other brave souls , beautiful and all expressing their Joy, their Journeys, all immensely creative and resourceful.

Often when I meet someone who touches my heart I think: I wish we lived in the same village. Because any one would want to live with kindness, compassion, creativity, knowledge, art, food growers, wise ones, magical ones , humorous ones , dream weavers and word smiths.

I would like to introduce to you some people who for the reasons listed above I will call them “ Village in the Sky”.

Ana Maria Theis the author of Christic Codes and a magical being. I met her  in December 2015 at a poetry night in my earthly  village and the synchronicity , beauty and magic keeps unfolding ever since. And we both share ancient roots of which I will write more in a future blog.

Tami Brunk and Cayelin Castell  whose wise teachings taught my heart to listen and hear the night sky and Venus singing.

Sylvia Ismail  who gracefully visited and encouraged me by becoming the first person to follow my blog and who manages to nurture life in her garden in Cairo with knowledge and passion .

Cultivatingtime  who’s supporting visits kept me writing.

Justbluedutch who magically appeared and validated my musings inspiring me even more.

Christina, Bec and Kate@BarnHouse whose gardens are out of this world.

Rebecca Treeseed  , a naturalist with a full bag of knowledge and love for her food forest and mountain.

Amie Elna who showed me we must keep our inner child alive and made me wish I could be one of the neighbor’s children to play in the wild with her kids.

Lemanshots whose photography is amazing , poetry in digital files.

And many, many others.

For the Village in the Sky where all hearts form a brilliant mosaic of life I raise my Shaman’s Drum and sing to the Sky and Land, offer my Gratitude and call in the Sun, The Moon and the Stars .

May we all  , as a whole, experience Grace today.

May our dreams weave together a magical and love filled life for our families, communities and The World .


18 thoughts on “Village in the Sky

  1. I was just reading your post and your words are so poetic and enchanting!I couldn’t help but agree that I too feel Grace and Gratitude when I’m in nature. I was drawn into your world and it’s Village in the Sky… only to realize that I AM in your village 🙂 I am so honored to be mentioned and linked into such a lovely post with such amazing other bloggers! Thank you!! Keep up the beautiful writings!!

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  2. Thank you so so much. You just made my day through this. I was not able to post for a few days because I was so busy and here I find my heart’s encouragement from you. I feel the same as you. You have inspired me so I am here to inspire you once again.Never stop what you are doing.
    You are amazing.Your words are powerful.
    yes, you are again right,Grace & Gratitude are two great virtues we should have.How foul it is to see people with ungrateful hearts?

    I am grateful to be in “Village in the Sky “with you! XX

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    1. You are very welcome and Thank You.
      We inspire each other and we push each other into more beauty and compassion and creativity. We are like fractals . Each design mirrors the other but they progress together.XX


      1. So, you make your own blog post and link it to others… It’s a way to get people to know about your amazing blog. It can be time consuming so you can do all of it or some of it or non of it LOL. It is fun, though, and it’s a nice way to share info about yourself. If you have any other questions… Just ask!


  3. Thank you so much for this lovely post and for the acknowledgement. I really appreciate it. You’re blog is great.
    I love the idea of a village in the sky where we all meet up. Over time you start to get to know fellow Bloggers and it’s strange to think we will never meet up and talk face to face.

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    1. You are so very welcome. Even though we may never meet in person our hearts and minds bridge over distance and time differences creating a web of Joy which may ripple in our day to day life in unexpected ways because we may become so glowing and radiant with creativity and positive traits that it will rub on everything around us.I love your blog as well .Heart to Heart.

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