Spring is in the air


Yesterday morning rain and threatening winds chased me inside. Behind close windows I felt hopeless: Winter does not want to leave.

Dreaming away I worked on some projects which needed closure.

Before I knew was 3:00 pm and the sky cleared. In a rush i took off in the garden to check my bees. And SURPRISE :


They were laboring joyfully  flying in leminiscate  patterns around the hive.

She (Andromeda) greeted me by sending two scouts to sit on my hand . I was so happy to see her (I say her because the hive is considered one organism  according to Rudolf Steiner  -“Bees-Lectures by Rudolf Steiner”)

I went closer to see and mainly listen to them , checking for any sign of distress. Couldn’t believe my eyes: they were bringing in pollen .

Exuberant I started to look around for other signs. I felt as if i have missed a week. My Elderberries started to bud and the pussy willows are just about to open up. I think my garden conspired to amaze and cheer me up.

A rush of energy jolted me. Although here we do not start planting until May 15 , I can start cleaning and making new beds .

In anticipation of the Spring Equinox Nature is ready for action.

I love how this event and the solstices are being explained in the Garden Workbook  by Michelle Small Wright , the founder of Perelandra . Soon I will also start spraying the soil with the biodynamic preparations and apply a paste made out of clay, sand and cow manure on trees .

Well , I am fully awake now. Spring is in the air.

Pussy Willows_Fotor

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