The Stone People

An animist at heart I find solace greeting the trees and the rocks on the hiking trail. Whenever I need to refresh my mind and heart I jump in Nature’s wide open arms.

Many years ago I found an enchanted place . Within a circle of stones an ancient Shaman rests smiling to the West. Small tiny crystals adorn his cheek as if tears have been rolling down and hardened in eternity. I look at this boulder and wonder what stories he might have to share?

I sink in its silence and close my eyes : “Please give me a sign for Spring. Is it near?”

Now eyes wide open I look between the trees . The sun is bright and   a Nuthatch came closer to examine me. I take it as a hopeful answer.

I leave retracing my footprints and singing a song as my offering. Grateful ,I say good bye and take the trail down to a waterfall which   endeared  itself to every passer by but stole my heart with its sound and swirling spirals morphing into the mossy rocks.IMG_0450

Basking in the light trickling down between the trees I give thanks for being one with all . In the distance a Hawk circles the sky: The Stone People, The Stone People, The Stone People.

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