Nurturing the Nourishing


One week old Kale


One week old Heirloom Tomato


Winter is the time of dreaming and planning for  Spring and Summer .  Like any biodynamic gardener after I retrieved  my seeds from underground  on Epiphany (Jan 6) I immediately  prepared for starting them .

Some seeds are so tiny you can barely see them . It takes patience and lots of love to sit each one in the fresh filled starting cells . As I place the flats under the lamp I am filled with Gratitude . This will grow to feed us over early Spring , Summer and Fall . And this will grow to feed the Bees and other pollinators while painting magic everywhere .


It  is a time of listening , preparation and nurturing ; not just the future garden but also my new designs for the year ahead . My drawing board is filling with sketches and dreams .


I am filled with excitement for all the upcoming projects .

Over the years I have learned the importance of intention and deliberate creation . Working on a large project , like ours , Intention keeps us on track  and motivated .

Still in nature’s dreamtime but close enough to early Spring I walk around our garden imagining the fragrances and the colors to come and infusing lots of Love at every step.   

Speaking of Love …I am making paper clay hearts for Valentine’s day . They are available on my website


“Seeds of Love” waiting to sprout into a splash of color and Gold


My intention with this blog is not to teach you how to start your seeds but an invitation to allow yourself immersion in Nature’s rhythm . I have learned I have more energy, clarity and optimism when I do so. After all what I have learned from the garden is to let go of the need for doing and listen and flow more , allowing the seasons to teach me.

I have learned from the trees when to give in to dreaming and to take action .

This morning I went for a walk and the tree buds are awakening but still sleepy . My Witch Hazel flowered timidly . She is an early riser. So I know we still have some winter to bear .

Witch Hazel_Fotor


Please join me and nurture your dreams and gardens . I hope you are considering organic and heirloom seeds , non GMO and lots of wildflowers and herbs for the Bees and other pollinators .

                  In the web of Life every action we take has an impact.

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